Thursday, August 27, 2009

The Singapore New Charis Mission Expose

In about three years or so in the past, there was this crisis happened in a Singaporean Halfway house (home supposed to help those ex prisoners or drug abusers.) called the 'High Point Halfway House', the name was coined by an very telented and devoted American pastor namely; Charles so and so.

He was among the first to organized relief teams to the epic centre of the Turkey earthquake and rendered unprecedented and precious helps to those in Turkey.

To assist pastor Charles to carry out his heavy duty of the 'Love Turkey' project. He mobolized the High Point Halfway House and their in house residents to the front line, to actually did the hands on relieve works.

These activities were reported worldwidely, including CNN had interviewed pastor Charles. Therein; the High Point Halfway House had suddently became a well known name locally; in Singapore itself and, pastor Charles' protege at that time mr don wang was also being promoted as kinda supper hero; which mr don himself; enjoy tremedrouly, "I used to be a very high profile persona" is his favourite quotation.

With the blessing of the senior pastor, mr don had been promoted to a pastor in the Community of Praise Church, despite his humble educational back ground. He like to boast that his god doesn't care how good you are(in education, talent....) but how good you care.

But later on, thousands of donors' dollars were used to further mr don's education and 'equip' him. So; suddent his god cares bout his educational level, anyway.

Being an actor by nature, mr don enjoys the limelight, naturally! Actor; i meant by the psychology interpretation; ie. he'd perform better when being watch. And, Yes, Psychology is one of the subject he feels his god wants him to be educated.

By taking the advantages of the various privileges given by the Singaporean Government to the charitable organizations. The New Charis Mission also projected itself as a charitable society. Even chorographed and invited the tabloids and public media to advertized themselves. Further and deeper investigation would review; less than 50% of what is advertised are to the best; half truth.

A couple of months of ago, some news were published about the programmers doing the grave digging in some Chinese ancient grave yard. We wonder how it reconcile with their religion practice; in this case; they profess to be Christians. And we knew many of these grave exumation involved some form of rituals which we do not know how it homonise with their believe??

Mr don wang enjoy travelling(missi0n; so he called them), as an executive director, he would enjoy travelling paid by the company. So; as part of their 'programme'. everyone is encouraged to go for at least ONE 'Mission'; self funded by the way.
Many VCD were produced to show off how mr wang met up with the very import person, those rich and famous. Oh! There were many also acted out and produced by the Singapore Television network. And, yes another showing him 'helping out in the house removal project' we wonder, how often this Singaporean pastor (or he preferred to be addressed as reverend) involve physically in their labourer.

We had the opportunity to visit the premise located in an up scale housing estate. Mr wang was bragging not once, not twice but more than thrice; that how he had fasted for 21 days and how he encounted angels. The way we see it as; mr wang's teaching is the only CORRECT DOCTRINE, those saints thousands of years ago were all wrong in their practice??? He seemed to look at himself as the later day saint?? Seeing vision, prophesying and what have you..psychic??

He claimed the music our saint in the past sang were out of date?? There are these music that they are playing (loud noises) should be sung instead of the lovely old chorus and hymnals. Mr wang prayed as though his god is deaf. let me quote: lets pray like man...." that what even his followers proclaimed, and he and his croonies said something to this effect;"do not pray like a transvestite, which is extremely disturbing for visitors from a different culture.

He had also a very special brand of praying; which "if you do not lift up your hands to pray, you are not submitting to god( we wonder or submit to mr wang.) this is reviewed to us during our private conversation with one of the in house residents.

we, want to warn all the asian, affricans, american, australian, indians even the chinese to be careful of such an organizaion using a popular religion as a facade to meet an individual selfish need and ambition.

later, we will expose more... stay with us, we have insider news

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

not everything new is new

There's this para church organization in singapore called "The New Charis Mission" . Branding itself 'new' hoping to create a smoke screen of its dubious objectives.

The leader was a 'rehabilitated' thug, originally saved by a local preacher called Robert, later on renegate to an American pastor founded church CPBC and that Ps Charles helped this guy to start a drug rehabilitation centre called the high point? unknown to many; the both of them were later on gotton into different kinda trouble. The pastor left the church to continue his love turkey movement, and this mr don were told to leave the high point in 24hr notice and later started the New Charis halfway house again.

In the past, with the help of the American pastor, mr don was able to perform great job with the senior pastor of the church as his trump card. But immediately after the pastor fell away, mr don having lost his support, crumpled under pressure.

The moral of the story is that, not all thug can be a pastor like mr nicky cruze.

later, we will review how a wannabe pastor runs his organization like a triad association.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

beware of the sheep that howls

there are many fakes in this world, especially so in such a hi tech world tis day! you know people will clone a human one day, just marked my world. Yes! One day, we will have a cloned human. like they were trying to do to Michael Jackson. Sure hope they fail. but, but one day, they will succeed, do you believe??

But take heed my friend, they can never, no one can; clone a soul!

simple as that; one can dress, walk, talk, behave, carry themselves, to be like a rabi. BUT, the true rabi is deep with within. no body can fake christianity, or for that matter; any great man.

you can only pretend, make believe, psych yourself, go crazy, put up a show; like David Blain: he fasted for 42 days! 42 days man, that's no joke okay! But of course; that's how far one can go.! many likes to play god, but God got no time to play with them! wonder if david is a christian??


I urge you, to wake up from your sweetdream thats had brought you thus far, before it turn into a NIGHTMARE!

Saturday, August 22, 2009


Christianity such as many other religions, which is very popular in the country of the republic of singapore, especially among those who thought that it is a westerner religion, many of the young youthful singaporeans follow whatever they think is westernised.

many enterprising 'believers' immediately scent the trememdrous business opportunities among the christian community. so, many young generation are rather inspired to be a pastor, or some would rather prefered to be called reverend so and so...

so far; a couple of so called mega church were born, due to some, indeed; very charamatic orators. we would not question the religion that they are selling. But as a result of their successful entrepreneurship; many copy cats organizations or the so called para churches were born like the spring shoots after the rain.

these para organizations called themselves halve way home/houses, built in the name of helping the ex-offenders to re-intergrate into the singapore's society.

one can easily count or find out from the directory, there must be at least not less than twenty such 'halfway houses'.

many of the ex convicts having incarcerated for long period of time, it was in fact difficult for re-integration into a fast pace and sometime heartless society.

these; constitute the great opportunity for blantant exploitation.

from a studies of those Singaorean 1/2 way homes, though not all; but it is not unsafe to say that bout 85 per cent of these homes are run by ex-con (rehabilitated prisoners.) some had recently even extent their 'helps' to those mentally under privileged.

not all ex con are unschooled, but not all unschooled ex-what have you can be a good leader. And of course; not all good gang leader can be a good church leader.

if one studies the methodologies these homes employed, some may even mistaken it as it was running a secret society (SS.)

A few of the tabloids, hunger for juicy stuff to print; imagine, a guy covered the whole body with tattoos, an ex ss memeber and is now 'rehabilitated' to be a papstor or whatever... kinda juicy isn't it??

But has anyone stop to think, were ALL the interviewee sincerely, willingly, wholeheartedly, without reserved wanted their not so glory past to be published in the paper for the world to read?? OR was is pre-arranged by the leader who needed the publicity for advertise and promote their company?

how many hours had the interviewer stayed with them???
how much that was broadcast in the public media is choreographed???
should the public media be used as a advertising instruments to meet some selfish indidual to satisfy their own ego?? shouldn't the news paper reports nothing but the truth???

our real concern is, if these organizatios are using a popular religion as a front for their company (enterprising.) and ripping all the benefits that the benevelent singaporean government is graciously grantingly them.

we think, the public should protect and help those ex prisoners, drug abusers or mentally disadvantaged, NOT the organization or the individual that enjoys the lime light; and make themselve famous.
i will review to you, later on. How the tens of thousands publics' donation were channelled to benefit only a few elites.
i will also expose, how the not so intellegents are made to do hard labour jobs.
finally; i also hope to expose to you. what kind of religion are they preaching? as compare to the holy book uses by the christians all over the world for over thousands of years, and how this mere small little group of peaple ( or rather a few individuals.) were trying to insinuate; that they are the only CORRECT ones....

more insider news and actual happenings, just stay with me

oh! now the latest trend is just add a 'NEW' to any of your work or company, and you will be the in thing.
The particular NEW halfway home i would love to introduce to you with great passsion is called the NewCharis(pronounce karis) Mission Singapore. stay with me to learn more about using a great name like Jesus Christ; and you will be able to anything; literally. Who can fight with Jesus Christ anyway???
chow see u tomorrow.

endtime charlatans

As the world is coming to an end, indeed. many of the endtime 'prophets' as mention in the christian holy book are infact; began their final assault, right now and using all things pre-fixed as christian as their facades.

i hope to expose these phonies and their sycophants, before even too many of our innocents would be dubbed into their schemes and scams.