Tuesday, August 25, 2009

not everything new is new

There's this para church organization in singapore called "The New Charis Mission" . Branding itself 'new' hoping to create a smoke screen of its dubious objectives.

The leader was a 'rehabilitated' thug, originally saved by a local preacher called Robert, later on renegate to an American pastor founded church CPBC and that Ps Charles helped this guy to start a drug rehabilitation centre called the high point? unknown to many; the both of them were later on gotton into different kinda trouble. The pastor left the church to continue his love turkey movement, and this mr don were told to leave the high point in 24hr notice and later started the New Charis halfway house again.

In the past, with the help of the American pastor, mr don was able to perform great job with the senior pastor of the church as his trump card. But immediately after the pastor fell away, mr don having lost his support, crumpled under pressure.

The moral of the story is that, not all thug can be a pastor like mr nicky cruze.

later, we will review how a wannabe pastor runs his organization like a triad association.

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