Thursday, August 27, 2009

The Singapore New Charis Mission Expose

In about three years or so in the past, there was this crisis happened in a Singaporean Halfway house (home supposed to help those ex prisoners or drug abusers.) called the 'High Point Halfway House', the name was coined by an very telented and devoted American pastor namely; Charles so and so.

He was among the first to organized relief teams to the epic centre of the Turkey earthquake and rendered unprecedented and precious helps to those in Turkey.

To assist pastor Charles to carry out his heavy duty of the 'Love Turkey' project. He mobolized the High Point Halfway House and their in house residents to the front line, to actually did the hands on relieve works.

These activities were reported worldwidely, including CNN had interviewed pastor Charles. Therein; the High Point Halfway House had suddently became a well known name locally; in Singapore itself and, pastor Charles' protege at that time mr don wang was also being promoted as kinda supper hero; which mr don himself; enjoy tremedrouly, "I used to be a very high profile persona" is his favourite quotation.

With the blessing of the senior pastor, mr don had been promoted to a pastor in the Community of Praise Church, despite his humble educational back ground. He like to boast that his god doesn't care how good you are(in education, talent....) but how good you care.

But later on, thousands of donors' dollars were used to further mr don's education and 'equip' him. So; suddent his god cares bout his educational level, anyway.

Being an actor by nature, mr don enjoys the limelight, naturally! Actor; i meant by the psychology interpretation; ie. he'd perform better when being watch. And, Yes, Psychology is one of the subject he feels his god wants him to be educated.

By taking the advantages of the various privileges given by the Singaporean Government to the charitable organizations. The New Charis Mission also projected itself as a charitable society. Even chorographed and invited the tabloids and public media to advertized themselves. Further and deeper investigation would review; less than 50% of what is advertised are to the best; half truth.

A couple of months of ago, some news were published about the programmers doing the grave digging in some Chinese ancient grave yard. We wonder how it reconcile with their religion practice; in this case; they profess to be Christians. And we knew many of these grave exumation involved some form of rituals which we do not know how it homonise with their believe??

Mr don wang enjoy travelling(missi0n; so he called them), as an executive director, he would enjoy travelling paid by the company. So; as part of their 'programme'. everyone is encouraged to go for at least ONE 'Mission'; self funded by the way.
Many VCD were produced to show off how mr wang met up with the very import person, those rich and famous. Oh! There were many also acted out and produced by the Singapore Television network. And, yes another showing him 'helping out in the house removal project' we wonder, how often this Singaporean pastor (or he preferred to be addressed as reverend) involve physically in their labourer.

We had the opportunity to visit the premise located in an up scale housing estate. Mr wang was bragging not once, not twice but more than thrice; that how he had fasted for 21 days and how he encounted angels. The way we see it as; mr wang's teaching is the only CORRECT DOCTRINE, those saints thousands of years ago were all wrong in their practice??? He seemed to look at himself as the later day saint?? Seeing vision, prophesying and what have you..psychic??

He claimed the music our saint in the past sang were out of date?? There are these music that they are playing (loud noises) should be sung instead of the lovely old chorus and hymnals. Mr wang prayed as though his god is deaf. let me quote: lets pray like man...." that what even his followers proclaimed, and he and his croonies said something to this effect;"do not pray like a transvestite, which is extremely disturbing for visitors from a different culture.

He had also a very special brand of praying; which "if you do not lift up your hands to pray, you are not submitting to god( we wonder or submit to mr wang.) this is reviewed to us during our private conversation with one of the in house residents.

we, want to warn all the asian, affricans, american, australian, indians even the chinese to be careful of such an organizaion using a popular religion as a facade to meet an individual selfish need and ambition.

later, we will expose more... stay with us, we have insider news

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